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If you are a social entrepreneur trying to help others and save the planet, we want to share with you five steps of our Rapid Pro Marketing (RPM) System for effective digital marketing to reach more people and make a greater impact. You'll also receive weekly tips on how to build up and engage your "tribe" to grow your brand and spread your message.


As fellow social entrepreneurs, we know you have a mission to help others, which is why we want to help you succeed.  That's why we have put together workshops and seminars designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs who want to learn AND apply their new knowledge as quickly as possible.

We have both in-person and online training available, so check out our offerings below, and please contact us for more info.

iDIA!: The "I-Do-It-All" Workshop

If you have two or more businesses and are tired of people telling you are too "scatter-brained," or insist you have to choose one thing to focus on in order to succeed, then you have come to the right place. This is a unique 1-day workshop for entrepreneurs who have more than one project or business and want to be able to build, launch and manage them successfully.  Attendees will learn a number of skills including project management, time management, leadership and problem solving.  

Rapid Pro Marketing (RPM): The Fast and Easy Way to Market Products

Learn a 5-step process for rapidly marketing a product or service leveraging the latest digital marketing techniques including internet, social media and mobile marketing. This can also be conducted as a workshop where participants develop a custom digital marketing plan for their business.

Traffic2Tribe: Increasing Sales Conversion Rates and Referrals

As covered in the RPM course, driving traffic to your business can be done through effective digital marketing techniques, but how do you convert that traffic into sales, testimonials and referrals? In this seminar, we discuss ways to build relationships through social media, increase your sales conversion rates and referrals regardless of the type of product or service.

Telesummit Essentials: Everything You Need to Run a Successful Telesummit

Learn how to host your own telesummit to build your list, credibility and visibility all at the same time.  In this seminar, we will walk you through every step of the process and demonstrate the various platforms that make hosting your own telesummit easier and more cost-effective than you thought possible.

The KISS of TECH: How to Embrace Technology to Grow Your Business

Effective use of technology can help entrepreneurs to "do more with less," but it can be very intimidating. From using smartphones to the latest social media tools, you will learn how to overcome your fears and embrace technology to grow your businesses bigger and faster.

Tsunami S.O.S. - The 7 Critical Survival Skills for Every Entrepreneur

Learn how to thrive as an entrepreneur through seven critical skills that will help you to "ride the waves" and stay ahead of your competition.