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Ronnie 'Tsunami' Gandiza, Marketing Solutions Director

Ronnie 'Tsunami' Gandiza is a motivational speaker, author and marketing strategist helping entrepreneurs and professionals to reach their business and life goals. With over 25 years experience in training and marketing, his programs have been implemented in over 10,000 academic institutions, small businesses and enterprise organizations around the world including PlantPure Nation, Microsoft, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Time Warner Cable, the US Air Force and many more. 

Ronnie served in the US Air Force and as Lead Network Engineer for the Secretary of Defense. He later worked for Microsoft as a liaison with seven NASA Space Centers, and then served as Chief Information Officer for a training company building and managing the technology and business training programs for 150 colleges and universities in the US. Ronnie then took over as Global Director of Programs for a not-for-profit organization helping to increase its membership to over 800 member organizations representing over two 2 million IT professionals in 32 countries in under two years. Recently he helped build and launched the largest video summit ever done on the Internet.

In his spare time, Ronnie is an award-winning songwriter, musician and lead singer for the Tsunami Wave Riders, an island party band (imagine Jimmy Buffett meets Santana in Hawaii), which has won numerous awards including "Single of the Year" at the Hawaii Music Awards, Best Country Music Artist and Best World Music Artist at the Charlotte Music Awards, and Top Beach Band in North America.

Mike Knight, Sales Solutions Director

Michael Knight is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, trainer, and out of the box thinker that is driven by a desire to help others achieve their highest and best self. He has spoken at venues across the US and delivers his messages with an engaging style focused on bringing the most relevant and applicable information available to his audience. He has been interviewed by CNN and ABC for his knowledge and success with the investment market and building a real estate firm that catered specifically to this market niche. He has created or been involved with multiple start-up companies in different industries and loves the challenges presented. Michael quickly discovered that taking knowledge gained through experiences and being able to use it to assist others in their business growth was where his true passion existed.

Michael experienced something very few people ever do: he witnessed his father have a heart attack live on national television. His father miraculously survived, and that is what led Michael to seeking out better ways of taking care of himself via diet, exercise, meditation, etc. He even started a successful podcast that interviews some of the top names in the health and fitness world about their journeys and advice to others. He's committed to sharing this information to assist others in their lives and empower them to make positive changes for their lives and those around them.

Michael grew up in Charlotte, NC and went to NC State University and resides in Charlotte, NC today with his two (2) sons and "Furry Little Four Legged Daughter-Chi". He enjoys spending time with his sons, being outdoors and finding constant ways to exercise and challenge the body physically and meditating.

Joanna Gustafson, Health & Wellness Solutions Director

Passionate about helping people get healthier, Joanna Gustafson has over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness field as a corporate wellness director, consultant, program developer, fitness instructor, health researcher, and author. Joanna has developed and conducted seminars and programs in smoking cessation, walking, fitness, ergonomics, sleep hygiene, self-esteem, nutrition, and stress and weight management. She was AOL’s first online health and fitness instructor, authored or co-authored a number of health books and monthly publications, and most recently was Health Editor of PlantPure Magazine.

Joanna holds a Master of Education degree in Health Promotion from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and numerous heath, fitness, and coaching certifications.  She also graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences and a Master of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering.

In her spare time she is a tropical fabric artist, plays steel drums in a popular island band, and loves to travel, hike, snorkel and scuba dive.

Brad Tapang, Executive Coaching Director

Brad Tapang graduated from Duke University with degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology. He conducted research on perception, perceptual bias, learning, memory encoding, memory storage, and memory retrieval at Duke University's Center for Cognitive Neuroscience.

Brad worked for Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions for 10 years where he managed and trained instructors and trainers, and he was a pioneer in Kaplan's online division working with clients across the globe.

Brad founded Omnia Training and Consulting, which works with Tsunami Business Solutions to help people achieve their maximum potential. He has helped thousands of people reach or exceed their academic, career, and life goals.

Pat Muntz, Business Consultant and Trainer

Pat Labez Muntz has been in the real estate, health and wellness, long-term care, and entertainment industries for over 30 years. She is a sought-after consultant in health and patient advocacy and is a speaker on panels across America.

Pat was also an actress on several popular TV shows including Magnum P.I., Jake & the Fatman, and Island Son, all filmed in Hawaii. Most recently, she was on the hit TV show, Blue Bloods, and played the lead role in the film, The Second Province. She has also been a producer in short films.

Her vibrant personality, passion and relentless drive to help others helped her to co-develop the I Do-It-All (iDIA!) workshops with Ronnie 'Tsunami' Gandiza.